User Guide

User Guide

How do I login to see my NFTs?

You can see all your NFTs by logging in to your account here. If you have not yet created a password, you will be prompted to check your email and set up your password.
Alternatively, you can view your NFTs by clicking on the link in the email confirming your purchase.

What if I already have a wallet and just want to pay with my card?

NFTpay is focused on providing a seamless and secure checkout experience for anyone to buy an NFT. NFTpay allows you to access your NFT from your NFTpay account. From your account you can always transfer it to your own wallet.

What if I don't have a crypto wallet?

That's exactly what we help you with! We create a wallet for you that you can access with your email. No need to add a Chrome extension, save seed phrases or anything else. It's automatically created when you make your first purchase. You can use your online NFTpay account to access your NFTs with your email. When you want to set up your own wallet you can always send your NFT directly to your crypto wallet.

Where can I buy NFTs with NFTpay?

NFTpay works with lots of NFT projects. You can check out some them here or just look out for the "Buy with Credit Card" button on an NFT launch.

Do I have to do KYC?

To purchase an NFT, no! In order to make it as seamless as possible for you to buy an NFT, we don't require KYC up-front. In order to transfer your NFT out of NFTpay we do require you to go through KYC. This helps us reduce the risk of fraud and keep our fees super low.

Why do I see multiple NFTs in my wallet on OpenSea?

We use collective wallets to securely hold multiple NFTs from different customers. You are the only one who can interact with your specific NFT. The wallet you're looking at on Opensea is one of NFTpay's collective wallets. We operate similarly to Coinbase, where there are primary wallets used to hold multiple customer's NFTs and users are able to interact via our online account system.

How do I see my NFT in my own wallet on OpenSea?

If you want to see your NFT on Opensea, you can send your NFT to your Metamask wallet by logging in to your NFTpay account and then transferring the NFT to your wallet.
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