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Common Questions FAQs

In case you were wondering...
  • How can I quickly access my NFTpay Custodial Wallet?
    • R: A. Go to your inbox and look for an "NFTpay" email. Click "View my purchase" and it will give you access to the custodial wallet.
    • R: B. Login to your NFTpay account > go to "view my NFTs". Bookmark the address on your browser.
  • If I received an NFT via airdrop can I still transfer to our custodial wallet?
    • R: Yes. The project would need to airdrop it to the corresponding wallet and then send us a csv with the mapping from the original NFT and the new NFT that’s linked to it. Send to [email protected]
  • Is there a limit on how many NFTs I can keep in my custodial wallet?
    • R: No limit
  • If I have an NFT project, how can use NFTpay to accept credit card payments?
    • R: Integrating NFTpay is free of charge! Visit our self-serve website and Integrate now
  • What type of security do you use for protecting custodial wallets?
    • R: We use top of the line security practices to ensure the safety and security of our customers’ NFTs. We don’t share security specifics outside of our core team
  • What countries do you support?