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Viewing your NFTs

Viewing your NFTs is super easy and convenient
We will show you the 2 fast ways to view your NFTs
  1. 1.
    Log into Partners Portal > Sign up with your email and password > On Menu, where the 3 bar upper corner icon is, select "Your NFTs".
You can hold your NFTs here, in the custodial wallet for as long as you need to.
2. At the time you purchased your NFTs, you received an email confirmation from NFTpay. Select "View your purchase" and this will take you to the custodial wallet as well. We recommend bookmarking the Address into your browser.
Whenever you are ready to move your NFTs, or even gift them, you can transfer your NFTs into a non-custodial wallet using the Free transfer feature from your custodial wallet.
If you need more help, contact [email protected]